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The Art of Progress Change Management Inc. - About

About the Art of Progress Change Management Inc.

The Art of Progress Change Management Consulting is a boutique firm that provides organizational change management and coaching support to businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. We believe that the heart of change exists within an organization and it’s community. Calgary is an ever-changing and fast paced environment; we are committed to helping develop change capability in our community through strategic speaking engagements, mentorships and quality business relationships. Our goal is to help businesses and community members reconnect to and grow the foundational building blocks of resiliency; thus having the ability to always persevere through the tides of change.  

Who is The Art of Progress?

Kait Dinunzio, Principal Consultant: Kait is a passionate senior organizational change management and communications specialist.  She is a purpose driven life lover with a zest for inspiring others to meet their potential. She's a kid of the 70/20/10 school where 70% of what she knows, she's learned in life; in this she brings lifelong experience of being resilient in change. This alone helps her to transcend people's differences and truly connect with them during the change process. 20% of her knowledge about change and how people behave in change comes through active mentorship and feedback to her work. She believes that the investment of others in her growth as a change leader has been the backbone to her success. Finally, 10% of Kait's knowledge comes from classes, courses, and her Change Management certification, earned at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.  While the classroom is not always her primary focus, Kait is a lifelong learner with a thirst to continually improve to meet the needs of her clients and those around her. 


Erin Walton, Consultant: 

Erin is a change practitioner currently engaged in mental health promotion. She is a dynamic speaker and facilitator with a passion for working with people.  Apprenticing since September of 2012, Erin has been getting familiar with the tools and methodologies that are unique to the Art of Progress.  Erin has a Bachelor of Kinesiology earned at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan.  You wouldn't think that a Bkin would support people in a "change management" project, but it does!  Erin is primarily responsible for working with athletic and sporting groups to help athletes overcome the "post competition blues” after they've competed in a high level or national sporting event. In order to achieve this, she helps people return to the fundamental building blocks of resiliency. In addition to helping athletes flourish, she has taken an interest in sharing the messages of resiliency through open forums such as workshops, speaking engagements, and one on one coaching sessions.